For the first time since Tuesday I ventured out. Only popped out last evening to get milk. The town was eerily quiet, obviously a good thing. However, while out in the garden this afternoon there was a lot of traffic and people about. It would seem Mr.Johnsons words are not being heeded. It is such a shame that our fabulous NHS staff are being let down by thoughtless, selfish people.

Since lock down Mrs.B&B is trying to turn me into a gardener, inwardly I am screaming noooooooooo!, not really my idea of fun and Mrs.B&B has noticed. She says I have a face like a slapped bum, not sure what she means !! I've done some block work to make a veg bed where we have already planted onions, leeks, cabbages, carrots, potatoes and broad beans. The runner bean wig wam is up but not due to be planted for a few weeks yet. In the front garden we have tackled the hydrangeas, loads of dead heads removed, it took ages. The compost bin has been set up and is ready to go. Mrs.B&B put herself on pruning duty, oh dear. There once stood shrubs between us and next door but not any more, she went lopper crazy! I have rubbed down the front seat, it took two days and I kind of wished I hadn't started but it does look much improved. Shredding, weeding and step painting to be done in the next few days, if the weather holds. So much acheived but still so much to be done. Trying to complete jobs that cannot be done if guests were here.

We have closed our books until June, this is up for review in the next few weeks and will take it from there. While we are quiet I have been able to listen to some music without annoying guests as I have finally managed to get my Blue Tooth speaker up and running, cool beans. Not sure Mrs.B&B is too enthralled with it though. First up from the marvellous music machine, that is my I Pod, was Gilted John, love that track in a strange sort of guilty pleasure way.. We then shuffled through a myriad of artists such as George Michael, The Doors, Dexy's, The Bee Gees, Abba, yes I said Abba, The Beatles, Jim Suhler, Joe Bonamassa and so on but nothing from The Rolling Stones though. However, todays t-shirt is an old Rolling Stones one, funny that.

Anyway, time to go as Mrs.B&B is making a roast today and I can hear it calling my name. We are having roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrots, orange and butter parsnips, sausage meat and cranberry stuffing, cauliflower cheese, cabbage, brocolli, mashed swede and yorkshire puddings. After that I guess I will be staying on the sofa in front of the telly for the rest of the day! 

We are looking forward to being able to welcome guests back into Schooner Point but only when the all clear has been given and it is okay to do so. Remember to socially distance yourselves and stay safe all.

At present the south west and in particular Cornwall is below the curve but things are starting to really turn bad out there. We have seen new bookings cease and a very sharp rise in cancellations. Regardless of our perilous situation at this difficult time we will work with our guests and potential guests to accommodate their needs. We have implemented an enhanced cleaning regime at Schooner Point and will continue to follow our Governments direction, whilst keeping our doors open. Our best wishes go out to you all.

Due to the lack of guests and the sun being out we took a trip to one of our favourite attractions in Cornwall, the magnificent Lost Gardens of Heligan. While there we could maintain our distance from other visitors. I woud like to congratulate the staff on the impeccable cleanliness regime and service delivered with a smile. We started out with tea and cake to keep us going, very nice it was too whilst sat in the sunshine. We were just a bit late for the Magnolias and Camilias and just a bit early for the Rhododendrons but still well worth the visit. They actually have pineapples growing in The Pineapple Houses but The Jungle is just the best. They are still paying tribute to the staff from the days of The Great War and many personal stories are detailed around the kitchen gardens, very touching. The days t-shirt was my John Lennons Give Peace a Chance number. As it turned out, completely fitting for The Great War theme boards around Heligan

Mrs.B&B and I are trying to look forward to the spring and beyond. Can't wait to see the boats being lifted back into the water and all the life on the briny returning to normal. Fishing, Looe Island, Polperro and Looe Bay boat trips will re-commence. Children and parents will line the quayside with their buckets and crab lines. The beach will be full, people eating fish and chips dodging the seagulls. The bars will be bustling and bands will be playing. Personally, I can't wait to get my shorts and "Dudes" on, you'll have to look those up. The Looe Raft Race will take place and what a spectacle of colour on the water. Looe Carnival week, Polperro Festival and Duloe Ale and Cider Festival take place. The main event, The Looe Live Festival is three days of live music on the beach, streets and Bullers Quay car park. It's all going on down here and we can't wait. Quite a tonic for todays worries and who knows, perhaps we will see you here, we hope so. We still have vacancies for most of these events Please support local and British companys by booking direct! 

Hello again

Hello to all you potential holiday makers out there.

As being new to the blogging scene, be gentle with me and forgive my trespasses, I feel the need to introduce Paula (Mr.s B&B) the driving force behind our establishment and myself Tom (Mr.B&B) her trusty side kick. We are the proud owners of Schooner Point Guest House in the lively South East Cornish town of Looe. We can claim to be the highest rated B&B in Looe on Tripadvisor and

For those that have stayed with us, we are probably most remembered for my band t shirts, todays is an 80's classic, The Jam, a personal favourite of mine but shows my age. No longer are my slippers a feature as Mr.s B&B has banned them. In the real world we are more likely to be remembered for Mrs. B&B's warmth, friendliness, insight and in no small part to her fabulous Cornish breakfasts, hogs pudding served here.

For those of you yet to visit us you will find a warm welcome, comfy beds, tasteful rooms and quality produce, where possible locally sourced. Our specials offering is soon to be expanded and the smoked salmon will, perhaps, be joined on the menu by bubble & squeak and black pudding, smoked haddock and real kippers, with head on, no bag in sight.

We are situated only a stones throw from the town centre and all the action, granted you will have to have an extremely strong arm to get your stone across the river. Looe is a lively small fishing town that is bursting with bars and restaurants. Live music is to be heard every weekend and my personal favourite Smokey's King Shufflers played this weekend, brilliant.

Living on The Cornish coastline means that the environment is important to us and the amount of plastic in our seas is worrying.With this in mind Mrs.B&B is becoming a bit of an eco warrior. The reduction of single use plastic has become the bit between her teeth. We are not there yet but progress is being made.

Keep an eye out for the next gripping installment.

Hello again.

Well seeing that the rain abated Mrs.B&B and I managed to get out of the house for a while. Quite a change to see blue sky, it seems such a long time ago that the big shiny disc in the sky was visible. Took a stroll to Millendreath's Black Rock beach cafe. A small tipple was partaken once there, just for sustenance of course you understand. 

This week we saw the spring low tide and The Banjo was left completely high and dry. Looe Island was in danger of being invaded but being mid - week it never occurred.On these lowest tides the Looe shipwreck can be seen and even visited.Sorry no pictures as we were heading East not West.

With Spring on it's way our thoughts are turning to the garden. When things begin to dry out we need to get out and start work. Mrs. B&B has to attend to the shrubs, I think that's what they are, and the hedges. Some serious pruning needed. For me, major works to be re-started with the deck or patio, not sure which Mrs. B&B has decided on, regardless, there is some Cornish walling to be sorted. I am trying to get on a National Trust short course. In addition to this exterior woodwork needs attention, it will be full on. In the mean time work continues inside.

Mrs.B&B has been hard at it in the kitchen. Had a day cooking and produced wonderful chicken and vegetable soup, cottage pie and Cornish Hake with pea and asparagus risotto. Looking forward to getting this down me in the next couple of days. Not to be got down the t shirt though, todays is a Rolling Stones tie dye number, the best band ever.

On a more serious note, we cannot ignore what is going on in the world and in particular Corona Virus. At present there are few cases within Cornwall but obviously we do not know what is around the corner. We are seeing a number of cancellations and of course we fully understand people taking precautions, you have to do what is right for yourself. However, we will make the best of the situation and if things take a turn for the worse we have lined up a couple of friends for a two week lock in. We provide the food and they provide the alcohol, true British grit is whats needed.  

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