Winter has arrived in Looe. Most of the leaves have gone from Kilmanorth Woods and the boats have been lifted from the water. The temperature has noticeably dropped as well. Due to the second lock down the town and Schooner Point went quiet, has now reopened though.

Redecoration of our Foredeck room is nearing completion. New lamps, light fittings, chairs and art work are already here. The painting is now complete, curtain rail is up and brand new curtains hung. Gone are the turquoise chairs and throw, to be replaced by tones of grey and dusk pink. Hmm I thought when Mrs. B&B said this was the new colour scheme. I have been proved wrong many times before though, so no kicking and screaming from me, yet! A number of small jobs have been completed in the kitchen and there are many more to tackle elsewhere, oh what fun. Scaffolding has just been erected and I was a bit daunted by the height of it. However, to my surprise I have managed to get to the top without panicking so bodes well for the work I need to do.  

Mrs. B&B put the Christmas Tree up in November, to spread a bit of cheer. I’m a firm believer of keeping Christmas in December, however, in these troubled times what the heck. This year the tree is in the dining room, as we are not open for New Year this time. The tree can be seen through the window and we also put lights up around the decking. There seems to be a feeling in Looe, perhaps elsewhere, of brightening the town up early, so we have done our bit.

Just before shut down we managed to get out for a little exercise. First we drove to Bodmin Parkway, parked up and did a circular walk up to Lanhydrock and back. Got a little wet but never mind. A few days later we went off to Mount Edgecumbe. We had decided to walk towards Kingsand and got to within a mile and a half before my knee problem forced us to return. On the way back we were fortunate to see a deer in the woods, beautiful and then back to Mt. Edgecumbe. We were surprised to see a number of camouflaged Marines. We hadn’t noticed them until we were virtually upon them.

The t shirt today is a new one from a band I saw way back in 1985. The shirt is of the Alchemy album from Dire Straits. I was fortunate enough to see them at The NEC, Birmingham during their “Live in 85” Tour, promoting the widely acclaimed Brothers In Arms album. They were such a brilliant band to experience live and The Alchemy album is a tribute to this. 

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