We have now received all the materials for the deck project, which means I’m going to be busy over the next few days. We are hoping for the dry weather to continue.

Our Echium is now coming into flower, a strange spike of a plant, with hundreds of small pale purple flowers. Mrs.B&B has always wanted to grow one and for the first time it is happening. The Bees are all over it. A bit of a drama when it nearly up rooted itself in the wind. The second one is doing well but has not shot up and is showing no signs of flowering. More succulents put into the rockery and Mrs.B&B bought a “DeepBlack” Iris for me that has been planted in full view of the decking, absolutely stunning, I love it. We now seem to have a hedge hog in the garden. Little deposits being left for us on a regular basis. Mrs.B&B is wanting to install a hedge hog house in the undergrowth. All the veg is growing rapidly, excepting runner beans, that are not even showing yet. Not sure what is going on there.

Would like to think we may be able to see Paul Weller in Plymouth during October but really not convinced it will go ahead. So in light of that, todays t-shirt is from The Jam, The Sound Affects album. Some really great tunes on there including one of their best, That’s Entertainment but also a brilliant song called Scrape Away. Takes me back to being an idealistic teenager, such a long time ago now.

Just had Thai Sticky Chicken burgers, wow! Served with a sticky sauce in a seeded bun with salad. Something to check out for sure.

Must be going now, so in these uncertain times, keep yourself safe.

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