The latest star dinner was roast lamb with homemade Yorkshires, what an  amazing triumph. Unusually for us we had a pudding, fig, plumb and stem ginger tart with ice cream, really yummy, thank you Mrs.B&B. During one of our rare visits to the supermarket we came across Thatchers lemon cider. What a curiously refreshing drink. Like drinking lemon pop, will be great on a hot day. 

Meanwhile, back in the garden. The veg we planted a few weeks ago is starting to show signs of life. Both lots of onions, leeks, cabbages, cauliflowers, broad beans, carrots and lettuce are all making an appearance, happy days. The low note, though, cannot believe somebody has helped themselves to a brand new, unopened, bag of compost from our back terrace. We feel it is someone illegally using our rear access or a delivery driver. Who ever you are I hope it is put to better use than the tomatoes we had planned for it! I must get round to making a gate. In the front garden the first mound of earth moved, 41 bags so far. Guestimated 70+ bags for the second mound still to do. Need stone to finish the walls though and all the rest of the materials. Ballast, posts, joists, deck boards, sleepers and screws. Mrs. B&B has started planting the rockery, looking good already.

Absolutely gob smacked, we had a request from Australia for a Dire Straits t shirt but sorry,can’t oblige at the moment as I don’t have one. I love this band and I used to have a Money For Nothing t- shirt. I saw them live in ’85 at The NEC and was blown away. Watch this space for t shirt news. However, todays shirt is of the best drummer ever. Sadly no longer with us, he departed far too soon but Moon the loon, for me, lives on. I could watch Keith Moon for hours and The Who are a personal favourite of mine.

Cannot believe my eyes, we have holiday makers and second home owners arriving in Looe. How selfish can some people be, really. Why is it that some people think the guidelines are only for other people.

On a brighter note we have received bookings for later in the year, bit of a surprise, but very welcome. Thanks, we hope we can open our doors to welcome them in.

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