Hello all, we hope this finds you safe and well.

Here at Schooner Point we are sticking to the government guide lines, I wish I could say that all of Looe was doing the same. We were surprised to see a number of accommodation providers still open to book but unsure if they have guests. Please people, wise up! If you are not concerned about your own welfare you could spare a thought for others.

I am looking for any positives in the current situation, while we are on lock down with no guests. For me this takes the form of Mrs.B&B starting to cook again. We have had roasts, chilli pasta, curries, beef bourguignon, chicken & leek pies, stew and even some baking. Sausage rolls, sausage plat, flap jacks and pizza parcels all made. I've done my bit by eating them! She has even made a new batch of pineapple, fig and ginger chutney, lovely. However, the big event on the horizon is PASTIES, oh yes a particular favourite of mine, traditional of course. These are looming large on the schedule, can't wait.

We have managed to get some exercise by taking walks. We have been through Kilmanorth Woods. We went right to the top of the hill, incredibly long and steep, just why do we do it to ourselves? From there we went over to The Giants Hedge, constructed up to 1500 years ago, not by a Giant! Right down to Watergate and then back home along the lower path. While out in the woods we noticed a number of round bales of hay in amongst the trees, whats that all about? We also managed to get out late last night and took a quiet walk down to the beach. The wind was blowing in from the sea at a rate of knotts. Good to see the local Police patroling the town.

Today we were back on garden duty. Weeds cleared from the path, white lines on the steps and hand rail repainted. The light above the front door has been removed and repainted and the steps have been rubbed back and their first coat completed. We are staying positive and trying to use the time with no guests to get Schooner Point, Looe, looking at its best. We want to be ready to welcome you all back to Cornwall, Looe and Schooner Point Guest House, in particular, but only when it is safe to do so. Pasties, boat trips, walks to Polperro, pubs and live music, it will all be here for you when you come back.

Todays t-shirt is an absolute classic, to me anyway. For those of you who like The Small Faces you will know all about Ogdens Nut Gone Flake. For anyone unsure, look it out and give it a listen. The album is brilliant and so is the shirt.

Time to go but make sure you practise social distancing for all our sakes. 

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