For the first time since Tuesday I ventured out. Only popped out last evening to get milk. The town was eerily quiet, obviously a good thing. However, while out in the garden this afternoon there was a lot of traffic and people about. It would seem Mr.Johnsons words are not being heeded. It is such a shame that our fabulous NHS staff are being let down by thoughtless, selfish people.

Since lock down Mrs.B&B is trying to turn me into a gardener, inwardly I am screaming noooooooooo!, not really my idea of fun and Mrs.B&B has noticed. She says I have a face like a slapped bum, not sure what she means !! I've done some block work to make a veg bed where we have already planted onions, leeks, cabbages, carrots, potatoes and broad beans. The runner bean wig wam is up but not due to be planted for a few weeks yet. In the front garden we have tackled the hydrangeas, loads of dead heads removed, it took ages. The compost bin has been set up and is ready to go. Mrs.B&B put herself on pruning duty, oh dear. There once stood shrubs between us and next door but not any more, she went lopper crazy! I have rubbed down the front seat, it took two days and I kind of wished I hadn't started but it does look much improved. Shredding, weeding and step painting to be done in the next few days, if the weather holds. So much acheived but still so much to be done. Trying to complete jobs that cannot be done if guests were here.

We have closed our books until June, this is up for review in the next few weeks and will take it from there. While we are quiet I have been able to listen to some music without annoying guests as I have finally managed to get my Blue Tooth speaker up and running, cool beans. Not sure Mrs.B&B is too enthralled with it though. First up from the marvellous music machine, that is my I Pod, was Gilted John, love that track in a strange sort of guilty pleasure way.. We then shuffled through a myriad of artists such as George Michael, The Doors, Dexy's, The Bee Gees, Abba, yes I said Abba, The Beatles, Jim Suhler, Joe Bonamassa and so on but nothing from The Rolling Stones though. However, todays t-shirt is an old Rolling Stones one, funny that.

Anyway, time to go as Mrs.B&B is making a roast today and I can hear it calling my name. We are having roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrots, orange and butter parsnips, sausage meat and cranberry stuffing, cauliflower cheese, cabbage, brocolli, mashed swede and yorkshire puddings. After that I guess I will be staying on the sofa in front of the telly for the rest of the day! 

We are looking forward to being able to welcome guests back into Schooner Point but only when the all clear has been given and it is okay to do so. Remember to socially distance yourselves and stay safe all.

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