Hello again.

Well seeing that the rain abated Mrs.B&B and I managed to get out of the house for a while. Quite a change to see blue sky, it seems such a long time ago that the big shiny disc in the sky was visible. Took a stroll to Millendreath's Black Rock beach cafe. A small tipple was partaken once there, just for sustenance of course you understand. 

This week we saw the spring low tide and The Banjo was left completely high and dry. Looe Island was in danger of being invaded but being mid - week it never occurred.On these lowest tides the Looe shipwreck can be seen and even visited.Sorry no pictures as we were heading East not West.

With Spring on it's way our thoughts are turning to the garden. When things begin to dry out we need to get out and start work. Mrs. B&B has to attend to the shrubs, I think that's what they are, and the hedges. Some serious pruning needed. For me, major works to be re-started with the deck or patio, not sure which Mrs. B&B has decided on, regardless, there is some Cornish walling to be sorted. I am trying to get on a National Trust short course. In addition to this exterior woodwork needs attention, it will be full on. In the mean time work continues inside.

Mrs.B&B has been hard at it in the kitchen. Had a day cooking and produced wonderful chicken and vegetable soup, cottage pie and Cornish Hake with pea and asparagus risotto. Looking forward to getting this down me in the next couple of days. Not to be got down the t shirt though, todays is a Rolling Stones tie dye number, the best band ever.

On a more serious note, we cannot ignore what is going on in the world and in particular Corona Virus. At present there are few cases within Cornwall but obviously we do not know what is around the corner. We are seeing a number of cancellations and of course we fully understand people taking precautions, you have to do what is right for yourself. However, we will make the best of the situation and if things take a turn for the worse we have lined up a couple of friends for a two week lock in. We provide the food and they provide the alcohol, true British grit is whats needed.  

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