It has been a strange season here at Schooner Point and indeed the rest of Cornwall, if not the country. Once we were released from lock down things got busy, very busy and we are thankful to all ours guest who have ensured we will survive and see the start of a new season. November was due to be our busiest yet but Boris has had to take action, so we will be closed from the 4th. and our apologies go out to those that, now, cannot join us at Schooner Point. Perhaps we will see you next year.

Things were worrying to say the least but we have got through difficult times and our plans for renovation are in tact. Our King room is to be re-designed, bedroom and bathroom. We also have plans to brighten up the exterior of the house and if things go well some work terracing the garden as well, so no rest for the wicked during the winter. Not sure if we can fit Christmas in ! We have had a new window fitted in our back bathroom and a new unit put in the shed as well. Lighting has been fitted to keep people safe on the rear stairs and hand rails for the same area are being sourced. Oh yes, its all going on here.

Todays t shirt is something special, featuring “Blackie”. For the Eric Clapton fans out there you will know this is the famous black Fender Stratocaster he favoured for many years. I was lucky to see EC back in 1990, truly memorable and would love to see him again some time.

Before I go Mrs. B&B got round to making pasties, yay, whoop whoop. Well worth the wait and were consumed quickly, didn’t manage to save any for later, never mind. She is currently making king prawn pasta and we are going to try razor clams for the first time, I’m a little trepidatious of these things. Will try them though.


Schooner Point Guest House was the happy recipient of an invitation to a pre-opening visit to the re vamped Bodmin Jail. We were able to visit the day before the official public opening and Mrs. B&B and I were eager to see the renovations.

We arrived for our 13.40 tour ahead of time and took a while to have a look round the courtyard and discuss what was new. When we checked in we were advised there had been a hitch and our tour was delayed, this was handled professionally and we had a chat about the “new” attraction with staff.

Our last visit was over a year ago but the new plans were already in place then and we were able see what the vision was. I have to say that we noticed an immediate difference as the old hospital block had been replaced with a new modern building but “in keeping” with the old. When the tour started we were led through the bookcase wall and down into the depths. Mrs. B&B and I were blown away with the first displays, state of the art, we would say. For us, the rest of the tour was interesting but not quite at the same level. There was a surprise at the end but that would be spoiling your experience.

The days t-shirt was another Rolling Stones one, Grrr! A large gorilla with Stones lips features on this one and the album is a celebration of 50 years of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band.

Mrs. B&B and I managed to get out of Looe for a day. Mixing business and pleasure we headed for Truro. Lunch was had at a small Tapas bar, Bodega 18, just in behind the cathedral. We had a delicious meal of varied dishes, pig cheeks with mash, salt cod croquettes, whipped mackerel, fried aubergine, lemon prawns and duck with red cabbage and aioli. Surprisingly very filling. While in Truro I managed to pick up a new t – shirt and is todays featured shirt. A new Jimi Hendrix number.

August has seen many visitors from our hometown of Swindon come to Looe to stay with us. There are more friends and acquaintances from Swindon due to visit us in September. We thank you all for your kind support and look forward to welcoming them into our home.

After a very busy day we took a stroll out to Hannafore and decided to have drinks on the patio at Hannafore Point Hotel. Very relaxing whilst taking in the views of Looe Bay and Looe Island.

    Mrs. B & B and I managed to get away from Schooner Point Guest House for a few hours the other day. We had been talking about the amount of stone circles, burial tumuli and quoits in Cornwall and decided to go and investigate. We initially headed for Carn Euny Iron Age settlement near Sancreed, Penzance. Carn Euny was easily found and turned out to be well worth a visit. Unfortunately some of the original stone has been used in more modern times to erect a cottage but there is still enough to see including the “tunnel” and underground chamber. From there we headed for The Merry Maidens stone circle near Lamorna. This is quite a large circle of medium sized stones and it is easily found, just through the gate and across the field. From the same layby we ventured down the road to see Tregiffian Burial Chamber. We have driven past this site in the past and not even noticed it. It is right on the verge of the B3315 literally just a stones throw from the Merry Maidens. For our final stop we went to see Lanyon Quoit, a large flat horizontal stone held in the air by 3 large upright stones.

On the way down we passed through Hayle and just had to stop at Philps pasty shop. We bought two traditional pastys, large of course. They were piping hot so we waited until reaching Carn Euny before attempting to munch them. They were still hot but we did manage about half. Each time we got back in the car we were enveloped by the delicious smell of pastys. The remains were consumed when we got home later that evening. It was a really interesting day made better by Philps pastys.

The days t shirt was London Calling from The Clash. Interestingly the design for the album cover leans heavily on Elvis’ first album.

It is with relief that we can say that Schooner Point is extremely busy, as is most of Cornwall. We are virtually vacancy free until the start of October, excepting our single room, which has limited availability.

Mrs. B&B and I have managed to get out a couple of times during this busy time. We visited Cadgwith down on The Lizard. We took a leisurely walk to Ruan Minor on The South West Coast Path, passing through the old serpentine works along the way. We also managed to get out to St.Mawes and visited Lamorran Gardens. These are worth a look even if they are on the small side. Some great views to be had of the water and some very impressive yachts in the estuary.

We have been fortunate to have been able to be part of our dear friends 70th. birthday celebrations and it was pleasure to have them stay with us. We are now looking forward to more long standing friends paying us a visit this weekend.

Storm Francis whipped through Looe last night leaving bright and sunny skies today, hopefully continuing  for our guests over the weekend. 

Todays t shirt is The Rollin Stones,  Exile on Main Street, classic.

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