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What this page is for

You will need to decide how you would like to make your website users aware of your privacy policies, relating to your business and also of your website.

This page offers you the perfect space to add your entire privacty policy.  Where appropriate, you can also link other elements of your website to this item in order to have displayed your policies to customers before they take a specific action. 


How to edit this page

To edit this page, simply sign in with your administrator log in details, and navigate to the page.  Click "Edit Item" and you will be shown a text editor, similar to those you use in word processors or email clients.  Simply add your terms and conditions, making use of the various Headings, Paragraphs and bullet point or numbering tools to style your privacty policy to suit your intended tone.

Here we have some suitable styling:

1) Section 

  1. Point A
  2. Point B
  3. Point C

2) Section

  1. Point A
  2. Point B

3) Section

  1. Point A
  2. Point B
  3. Point C


Once you are done, simply click 'Save and Close' and you have added your Privacy Policy.



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Last modified on Wednesday, 08 March 2017

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